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Java being the platform independent language allows its end users to access its source code on any other language automatically.

Its source code can be used to work on a different platform which makes it an independent platform to work on.

It’s a human readble language which makes it preferable from a bunch of people.

Other languages are machine level languages which the humans cannot read easily.

The solution to this problem is the usage of a compiler when translates the high-level language into a language which is understandable by machines.

Hence, the use of compilor is not required in java and this makes it an independent platform.

The java code may be a sequence of machine instructions that can be executed directly by the CPU.

Virtual machines can also interpret the representations.

The intermediate representation is known as the Java Byte code.

All the programmes in Java are compiled by javac.

The result of the JAVA compiler is the .class file or the bytecode and not the machine native code (unlike C compiler).

The bytecode generated is a non-executable code and needs an interpreter to execute on a machine. This interpreter is the JVM and thus the Bytecode is executed by the JVM.

The main point here in Java is that the JVM depends on the operating system.

So if you are running Mac OS X you will have a different JVM than if you are running Windows or some other operating system.

Brief History of Java

Java, created in 1991 by James Gosling at sun microsystems.

Earlier, Java, known as ‘Oak‘.

Later, it, renamed as ‘Green‘.

And finally, known as ‘Java‘.

What is Java?

Java, basically an open sourced programming language.

Java does not require any licence to run.

Why Java?

People generally prefer Java because of its secure connections.

It is also a reliable platform to work on.

As Java- an open sourced language it also provides its users with the fast platform to work on.

Moreover, according to a source, the company that owns Java claims that java runs on 3 billion devices worldwide.

As a result, Java developers say that java is a safe platform to work with as it will continue to exist in the coming years worldwide.

Attributes of Java

java attributes

1. Java is an independent platform

We all know that java, an independent platform and due to this characteristic, acquired by many.

As a result, if we code anything on this platform, Java, it will successfully run on other platforms as well.

2. Variety of methods

Another reason why Java, used globally- it has a huge standard library.

It has hundreds of methods which allows the developers to code in any software of any package.

3. It is an object-oriented language

Programming can be done in a variety of styles, but the most popular style is the object-oriented programming style.

The object-oriented programming- most popular style

Because of its characteristic of cutting down a complex problem into smaller sets.

4. Java is swift

Earlier, java, being criticized for being slower, compared to other platforms but now, characteristic of being quick has taken away the hearts of many.

Nowadays, Java, being compared with other programming languages like Python and PHP.

5. Java is a sturdy platform

Security, being the first priority makes java a better platform to work on.

For running the applications, best platform to work on.

Privacy of data maintained

It can automatically manage memory.

Significance of java

  • Java- a platform independent language through the help of Bytecode.
  • Portable language; JVM gets automatically install.
  • It is an independent language, whereas, JVM is a dependent language.

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