One-Week Risk-Free Trial Policy

This Policy is meant to help you make a well informed, educated decision about our One-Week Risk-Free Trial Policy.

Codersera proudly presents this 1-week risk-free trial absolutely free of cost. We work very hard to ensure top quality end-product delivered to our esteemed customers through transparent evaluation procedure, specially curated to meet your suitability and complex business challenges. This said the trial phase is for thoroughly testing the given features so that our customers get to make an informed, educated decision on whether or not to proceed with Codersera. We definitely want you to open this magic box!

How Codersera Risk-Free Trial Work?

This means that you can get our developers, project managers at your services for upto 1-week without us charging any extra cost for this. During this trial period, you get started by interviewing your chosen expert developers and making them understand your business requirements and get started with the development process of your project. After the screening and project briefing/ development sessions for 1-week, if the client chooses to get them on board for their project, then from the next week onwards this 1-week cost gets included in the total cost of the project. Otherwise, if the client opts out during the 1-week trial period, we do not charge them anything. As simple as exactly it sounds, no hidden costs charged. We take great pride in promoting this risk-free policy solely on the basis of previous successful conversion rates we had since it’s been launched.

Why does a Trial Period Matter?

Our policy represents the faith we have in the abilities of our top developers, who have been hired through a rigorous screening process which only 1% of candidates get through. It’s essential to be transparent, which is why we have this 1-week risk free policy to get our customers complete satisfaction. We believe in transparency, customer satisfaction, trust and retention of our esteemed clients, so making things simple and convenient for them by going the extra mile!!

Share your Feedback

We are motivated to constant learning, continuous innovations and delivering quality end-products to build a loyal customer base. So, if you quit after/ or during a 1-week risk-free policy duration or if you further continue after 1-week risk-free period, we appreciate you writing a brief statement about your experience with us. This feedback will help us serve you better by providing useful source influencing our product deliveries, communications and your overall experience with us.

Don’t think too much, avail this risk-free trial period now and know for yourself that what we committed, we deliver.

We Code your Ideas!