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Hire app developer
Remote developer
Joshua Edwards

Hire an App Developer or Hire a Company?

A website is the face of a company that shows up to users on the internet and is one of the critical deciding factors for their success. It is for the same reason that firms search out for an efficient, trustworthy and reliable web development firm or developers for developing their business applications. Let’s check the benefits of both in

React Developers
Ran Scot

React Hooks with Typescript : UseCallback, UseMemo, UseContext And UseRef

Lets, check react advanced hooks, i.e. UseCallback, UseMemo, UseRef, and UseContext. All these come under React 16.8 version and help the user create an optimized react application. Let’s create a react application environment for our project by using either of the following commands:    The above command will create a Project with the name “advanced-hooks-tutorial”. Once it’s done go to

game development softwares
Terry Phillips

Top Game engines for Game Development

Who doesn’t love playing games? I mean, it’s the best way to pass time and keep ourselves entertained at the same time, right? We all play some type of games at some point of time, whether it is an Open-world like GTA San Andreas or a first-person shooter like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. But has anyone given a thought

React vs. Angular vs. Vue
Terry Phillips

Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2020 comparison

Last year saw the emergence of React as the frontrunner of the front end frameworks competition, leaving Angular way behind. But more importantly, Vue emerged as the one with the largest gain. It increased its share in the market with good growth and a high number of downloads. What does the year 2020 have in store for them? Will we

Joshua Edwards

Top Programming Languages 2020 For Android App Development

Technology has made our lives easier with several forms of implementation in different fields still, beginners in coding are always wondering which language they should invest learning/ working to get better learning experience. With several programming languages for android app development available to software programmers, picking an ideal one for a job can be quite tricky as we are living

Backend Developer
Susan Bowman

How to Integrate dotenv with NestJS and TypeORM

Dotenv integration with NestJS and TypeORM. While using third party sources in application development, there must be some involvement of SSH keys or API credentials. This becomes a problem when a project is handled by a team of developers. Thus, the source code has to be pushed to git repositories periodically. Once the code is pushed to a repository, anyone

2020 business resolution
Joshua Edwards

New Year Resolutions For Business In 2020

The beginning of the year is a good time to reflect on your future business plans and how you want it to expand in the coming year. If you’re a business owner, it’s a great idea to make resolutions that will help simplify your life and grow your business. Let’s focus on some high-power, super-efficient business goals for small as

Frontend javascript frameworks
Terry Phillips

Top FrontEnd JS Framework to learn in 2020

2019 can be described as the revolutionary year for JavaScript frameworks, as we saw huge development of these frameworks and the beginning of their use among the masses. Read more to keep yourself updated with the frameworks that are predicted to rise. What is JavaScript Framework? JavaScript is a programming language that is commonly used for the development of moderate

Javascript framework

Javascript Frameworks you should definitely learn in 2020

Javascript has come out to be one of the most prominent languages for the past few years, especially after the rise of NodeJS. Since Javascript is the only language supported by browsers, there is no denying the fact that web development needs expertise in Javascript. And with Javascript being supported in the backend, this came as a huge benefit as

NodeJS Framework
Joshua Edwards

Top 10 NodeJS Frameworks For Developers in 2020

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine. The event-driven, non-blocking I/O model makes the NodeJS framework an extremely lightweight and efficient web application. As a developer, one gets to smoothly use the same language for both client–side and server–side scripting and this unique facility has increased the quick adoption of NodeJS frameworks by many

react native
React Native Developers
Richard Lawson

React Native Bridge For Android

React Native is developed in such a way that we can create a bridge between the Native Language and the JavaScript code. A bridge is nothing but a way to setup communication between native platform and React Native. But why do we need it? Let’s assume you want to reuse some existing Java code or library without having to reimplement

React native web Vs React
React Native Web
John Watson

React Native Web Vs React – A Comparison Guide For 2020

Often many of you are wondering isn’t React already existing for many years now and what is the point of the react-native web? Also, some people are thinking are both React native web and React the same thing? Let’s check this comparison guide for 2020 for React native web and React and find out how “React-native for web” makes it

React Developers
Julia Mitchell

React-Redux Hooks with Typescript in 2020

This is going to be a continued version of our previous blog, React Hooks with Typescript, So if you are new to hooks, I would suggest looking into that article first, which talks about setting up the starter kit of react hooks with typescript and AntD for UI components. If you know basic of react hooks, like useEffect or useState,

React native web using expo
React Developers
John Watson

Running react-native-web using expo in 2020

Since expo sdk version 33, expo supports react-native-web. In this blog, we’ll see how to set up your react-native-web project using expo. Installing expo Install expo-cli if you don’t have it installed already, you can use nvm and yarn as well instead of npm. After running expo init you’ll be presented with a few options to choose the starter kit

React hooks typescript
Julia Mitchell

React Hooks with Typescript: Use State and Use Effect in 2020.

In this blog, we are going to see how functional components can be used with react hooks to reduce the amount of code used in writing class-based components and still achieving all the features of it. We are going to use typescript for this tutorial, so that our code remain 100% typesafe, and I must say if you are doing

React Developers
John Watson

How to do navigation in React native web in 2020

“React Native for Web” makes it possible to run React Native components and APIs on the web using React DOM. It is as simple as that!!So, if you have an app and you want to build a web version of it, or if you are planning to build a website along with an app, you should definitely learn React native web. Setting

Joshua Edwards

Vuejs Vs Reactjs- Comparison Guide For 2020

Javascript has single-handedly captured the web applications domain by making intelligent use of its frameworks and libraries like ReacJs and VueJs. No doubt it is the most useful and popular framework of our times, especially known for providing higher performances and ease of learning. In addition, both the frameworks are extensively employed for designing the User interfaces and also used

risk-free policy
Risk free Policy

Our 1-Week Risk-Free Policy

Codersera proudly presents this 1-week risk-free trial absolutely free of cost. We work very hard to ensure top quality end-product delivered to our esteemed customers through transparent evaluation procedure, specially curated to meet your suitability and complex business challenges. This said the trial phase is for thoroughly testing the given features so that our customers get to make an informed,

Hire top react developers
React Developers
Joshua Edwards

12 Places To Hire Top React Developers In 2020

When building/ growing a new company or managing an established business, one aspect that affects the overall success of an organization is to learn to hire an efficient workforce that fits the bill perfectly for the company’s growth. It becomes even more crucial to select great people when you are hiring for a new business. Hiring top react developers has

React Developers
John Watson

Is Expo Eject a Good Idea?

What is Expo? Expo is a framework/ platform for React applications providing a set of tools built around React Native and native platforms. It helps developers build, deploy, develop and quickly iterate on iOS, Android, and web apps from the same JavaScript/TypeScript codebase. Use case of expo eject Are you planning to eject expo from your react-native app? If yes,

full stack development
Terry Phillips

MEAN Stack Development Influences The Future Of Web Apps

The implementation and usage of Web app development is increasing and currently in a fast-moving realm. A highly competent architecture and navigation are in demand in today’s web applications. They need to be dynamic, user-friendly, robust, and flexible. With the developments and evolutions in technology leaves web developers with many choices for their app. One essential factor while choosing a