Worried for talent retention? Know these simple tricks.


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Top Talent is hard to find and so to retain them. 

Most likely, technological prospects, feared of such an evoking issue.

Top Talent is hard to find and soThe retainment of the top talent is very tough. 

Their esteem needs should be taken care of if their retainment is threatened.

As competition is increasingly growing, businesses find it difficult to retain their employees for long.

Companies are realizing the value of employee retention and so they make every possible effort to keep them retained for long.

Every company has its own kind of perks which they like to offer to their employee’s, that is the reason why not every company garners the same rewards.

However, the companies are knowing about the techniques they should follow to make the suitable efforts of employee retention.

The true reality

It is observed that the top talent always recognize or have the best options when it comes to retention.

If he is not getting the environment suitable for himself he will always look for options.

In such a case, what a company should do is, to make the employees available with the best attractive options so that he gets the best from the rest. 

Early Ages

In the early ages, it was very easy for the employers to make their employees attracted towards them as there were fewer jobs and a small number of people acquiring the jobs.

But now this is not the case.

Today, managers follow various tricks to acquire and attract the cream of the other companies by offering them more than what they are getting.

It is very clear that if people would witness a good increase in his pay level he would obviously become less loyal to his job and would jump shift to another job.H

Holding on to employees is not easy.

Look at some tips and tricks to have a soft command over your employees.

command over employees

1. Maintaining a soft corner with your employees

You should always maintain a very friendly relation with your employees so that they do not feel any dominance from your part.

Everyone craves for a positive work culture in which they are allowed to give their opinions and also the freedom to raise their points.

You should always listen to your employees and give them a soft corner rather than being rudely talking to them.2

2. Support them

What else an employee wants if he got the best supporting boss ever.

This also helps with employee retention.

By supporting your employee whenever he needs you will be able to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with your employee.

Thus, the employee will then becomes loyal to you and thinks a thousand of times before leaving the job.3

3. Maintain a work culture of a flexible 9-5 Job

Employees should be flexible upon choosing the time which best suits them. 

flexible work culture can make an employee satisfied towards his job and employee retention can be maintained.

Flexible work hours are the key to the motivated employee retention process.

You should also practice the ‘work-from-home’ culture in order to provide flexibility to your employees. 4

4. Give them the Well Done pats on their back

It is very true that when an employee works hard and strives to achieve a Goal and make you feel proud and happy; a well-done pat at this situation is a good gesture which can actually help to maintain a good employee-boss relationship and motivates them to achieve further goals.

The freshers who have joined your work wants continuous feedbacks and the ones who have been working with you for a while wants their work to get acknowledged by you.5

5. No Dominance

More or less, Showing dominance to your employees must be avoided.

Dominance will not only make you lose your employees but would also make your reputation to get a dip.

Employees need soft-spoken employers who would listen to them rather than shouting at them.

Also, almost the entire day you have to be with them so try to give them a comfortable environment to be able to motivate your employees and practice employee retention.

6. Give them recognition

Furthermore, it is equally important to fulfill the esteem needs of the employees so that healthy work culture is maintained.

Recognitions are a must in maintaining employee retentions.

They should be rewarded for something good they have done.

They should be given job security and promotions whenever necessary.

This not only makes them dedicated to the job but also keeps them loyal towards their job.

7. Encourage Team works

Team works make a man perfect and dedicated to finally achieving a target.

For Example: If a person is working alone or individually he will be less motivated towards his work because of the pressure he is having.

Rather than if he is working in a team or a group, he will be very enthusiastic towards fulfilling his work so that his work is recognized in a team.

However, if you are keenly motivated to work in a culture which is the best fit to you and certainly money does not matter then you will not consider the other matters and will solely be focused on your work.

Money should matter you but not in a very huge way.

Promotions do happen and you have to work for then along with wait for them.

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