Thomas Wilfred

Front-end Mobile Engineer

Some time ago, I began work on a program to make movies. An editing program? Well, no. In fact, it was a program that was asked to make a presentation when given a topic.

For instance, it might be given the name of a city or a diet plan. The program would then search the internet for pictures to put into a small movie or presentation. The program thought about the kind of presentation it needed to make for the topic, e.g. a book, flowing with the music, or other things. It did a pretty good job making very simple presentations in its infancy.

And, what was its secret? Well, it organized media into groups, each targeted for someplace in a presentation. So, for example, several pictures could be made into candidates for a place in the presentation. And, more candidates might have been created as well by changing the existing candidates. The media could also be presentations as well — presentations within presentations.

The program made various versions of the presentation (not too many), and eventually figured out which presentation and media might be best for the topic. Further info can be found in a patent by Schoenbach and Leddy 2010.

The secret was about those candidates. The program gathered together candidates, a small population, and made changes to the candidates to get more on each cycle of the program.

Some might call the changes mutations. Some might call the cycles of the program at the time of a new generation. And, you might recognize some of this lingo as belonging to discussions about the evolution of species.

Perhaps it’s a blast from your biological past like something from a high school biology course. We recall from high school biology that species evolve to fit their environment. The best fit is those who can sustain the resources and stay around long enough to produce offspring. Environments can include a number of features such as the kind of food and water available, the exposure to the sun, the amount of air or the kind of air, etc.

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Thomas is a front-end Mobile Engineer with experience working for startups and multinationals across the world. As a certified Scrum Master, Thomas has worked with a team of 10 engineers located in three different countries for eBay.

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