Top 20 Laravel Packages To Use In 2022

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Laravel is a PHP web framework for developing web applications that are free and open-source. The Laravel Admin Panel Template improves web application performance and might be useful for gaining insights into how your online application is operating.

Furthermore, it provides developers with a quick and easy programming environment. Laravel also strives to make the development process quick and uncomplicated by removing the tedium from common online projects such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching.

Moreover, it will not compromise application functionality and will make it easier for developers to do specially designed activities. These packages, for example, allow you to access relational databases in a variety of ways, do dependency injection, and so much more.


Packages can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Framework-independent packages suitable for Laravel, but also other PHP frameworks
  • Laravel-specific packages that work exclusively with this framework

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One of the biggest benefits of using Laravel packages is that they provide you access to all of the framework’s capabilities, such as routing, migrations, tests, views, and a slew of other essential features.

They offer the host application access to all of the features that Laravel has to offer. They also adhere to the DRY Principle, which reduces the amount of code and improves the app’s maintainability.

You can make your own Packages (also known as Laravel plugins). However, rather than building them from scratch, you can use one of the many Laravel Packages that are freely available online.

As the popularity of Laravel continues to grow, an increasing number of developers are looking for helpful packages to use in their projects. While there are many excellent options available, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your time.

This list includes some of the best Laravel packages that you should start using in 2022. We have compiled a list of the top 20 Laravel Packages that will come in handy in 2022. Let’s start, shall we?

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Top 20 Laravel Packages for 2022

Laravel is a popular PHP web framework that has gained a lot of traction in the development community in recent years. It has been referred to as the Ruby on Rails of PHP, due to its ease of use and plethora of features.

There are many packages available for Laravel that can help with a wide variety of tasks, from authentication to routing to queuing. We will take a look at the Top 20 Laravel packages that you should be using in 2022

1. Spatie

Many Web Apps rely heavily on roles and permissions. Laravel has a long history of providing packages for them, as well as improving the core code. One of the better permissions packages is Spatie Roles & Permission. They explain how to assign roles to users, assign permissions to users, and assign permissions to roles.

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2. Laravel Debugbar

The Laravel Debugbar package is one of the finest Laravel packages for adding a developer toolbar to your application (s). This package is more or less made for debugging.

Debugbar comes with a plethora of settings. It will assist you in displaying all of the queries that your application provides – everything linked to the route – that you have called, as well as all of the inputs that you have provided. When you use the Façade to add messages, they will appear in the ‘Messages’ tab in Laravel Debugbar.

Debugbar::warning('Watch out…');
Debugbar::addMessage('Another message', 'mylabel')

3. Ignition

Ignition is a lovely and fully customizable error page for Laravel 5.5 and newer apps. Furthermore, all Laravel 6 applications use it as their default error page. It also lets you share your errors with the world on Flare. Also, if you use a valid Flare API key, your production application errors will be monitored and you’ll be informed when they occur.

4. Laravel Auditing

This package will assist you in comprehending alterations in your Eloquent models by offering information on probable discrepancies and abnormalities that may suggest business challenges or suspicious activity.


Furthermore, by just utilizing a trait, Laravel Auditing helps to keep track of model updates. Additionally, getting the audited data is simple, allowing it to be displayed in a variety of ways.

5. Laravel Backup

This Laravel package backs up all of the files in a given application. It generates a zip file including all files in the directories you choose, as well as a database dump. A backup can be stored on any file system. All you have to do to make a backup is run the following command:

php artisan backup:run

6. No Captcha

No Captcha is a package that allows you to use Google ReCaptcha to validate forms and prevent spam. To begin, you must first receive a free reCaptcha API key.

7. AvoRed

The Open Source Laravel Shopping Cart can be readily customized to meet your specific requirements. It comes with a mobile-friendly UI by standard, making it one of the top Laravel SEO packages.

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The platform enables you to establish product entities such as categories, attributes, and more, as well as stay abreast of your orders, customer information, and inventory management, among other things.

8. Laravel Telescope

For the Laravel framework, Laravel Telescope is the finest PHP debugger.

It gives you detailed information about the requests that your application receives, as well as exceptions, log entries, database queries, queued jobs, mail, alerts, cache operations, scheduled tasks, variable dumps, and more. Your local Laravel development environment will benefit greatly from the telescope.

9. Laravel Seoable

One of the most popular SEO solutions for Laravel projects is Laravel Seoable. It includes sufficient SEO approaches for optimizing Laravel apps for search engine results.

The package provides certain fundamental Laravel functions that follow SEO best practices, such as mapping Eloquent characteristics to SEO Meta tags, creating custom templates for page title/description, and establishing custom SEO data for application models, among other things.

10. Laravel Translatable

This package includes a characteristic that allows Eloquent models to be translated. Furthermore, translations are saved in JSON format. Moreover, there is no need for an additional table to accommodate them.

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11. Laravel Date

This date library adds multi-language compatibility to Carbon. Format, diffForHumans, parse, createFromFormat, and the new timespan can now be translated into your preferred language.

12. Laravel Cashier

Stripe’s subscription billing services are accessed through Laravel Cashier, which offers an eloquent and accessible interface.

It also takes care of practically all of the boilerplate subscription billing code you don’t want to write. The cashier can also manage coupons, switch subscriptions, subscription “quantities,” cancellation grace periods, and even produce invoice PDFs in addition to basic subscription management.


13. GraphQL Laravel

With Laravel 6.0+, you can use Facebook’s GraphQL. It’s dependent on the GraphQL reference implementation’s PHP port.

It also enables the creation of query and mutation endpoints as request endpoints. Multiple schemas are also supported, including per-schema queries/mutations/types, per-schema HTTP middleware, and per-schema GraphQL execution middleware. Each query/mutation can also have its own custom GraphQL resolver middleware.

14. Laravel Meta Manager

You may improve your website’s SEO by utilizing Laravel Meta Manager, which will assist it to rank higher on the first page of search results.

It focuses on the application’s Meta tags and assists you in correcting them in accordance with SEO best practices. Standard SEO, Dublin Core, Google Plus, Facebook Open Graph, and many other Meta tags are included in the package.

15. Bagisto

Bagisto is an open-source Laravel eCommerce package that has quickly captured the attention of the Laravel community. It comes with exceptional Laravel user management, as well as multi-warehouse inventory management capabilities and so much more.

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Also included in the Laravel CMS package is a built-in user-friendly admin panel navigation that includes features like multi-currency, localization, access control level, multi-channel, payment integration, and more.

16. Voyager- The Missing Laravel Admin

It has a sleek and competent interface, but the most important thing is that it performs well. It has straightforward usage instructions, a user-friendly front-end theme, and no noticeable flaws or unfinished elements. Even the icons, such as the captain’s portrait, contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Dummy-data, media manager, and other useful tools are available in Voyager.

17. LaraAdmin

This package enables you to visually build modules that reflect your CRUDs after installing and logging into your admin panel.


18. Orchid

RAD platform is ideal for leveraging the Laravel framework to create a commercial application. It can serve as a foundation for web applications or serve as a CMS, CMF, or admin panel for your website.

19. Migration Generator

The migration generator package in Laravel allows you to create migrations from an existing database, including indexes and foreign keys. You can build migrations for all of your database’s tables by running the following command:

php artisan migrate:generate

20. Laravel User Verification

This package lets you manage user verification and email validation (s). It creates and saves a verification tokens for the registered user, sends or queues an email containing the verification token link, manages token verification, and marks the user as verified. This package also includes functionality, such as route middleware that is verified.

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In A Nutshell…

So, we have come to the end of this article, we have presented a list of some of the greatest Laravel packages for web developers.

Each package, here, has its own set of features and usefulness. Because Laravel makes it simple for developers to perform custom-defined operations, users can simply complete their functional tasks by using one of these packages.

Using those packages that assist you in performing your functional responsibilities depends on the requirements and specifications of the project.

So, once you’ve made a list of your app’s requirements and needs, pick one of the packages that best fits your needs. Using Laravel packages (Laravele Plugins) will undoubtedly improve your app’s performance and workflow.

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  1. Is Laravel good for the future?

    Laravel has a proven stronghold in the market today. It is in the leading position today amongst all web application frameworks available and it is going to get stronger from here on. The future of Laravel in 2021 and ahead is uninhabited and augmented growth.

  2. How many packages are in Laravel?

    Right now, there are over 500 Laravel packages on CodeCanyon. They offer all kinds of functionality from booking and travel to eCommerce and education.

  3. Who developed Laravel?

    Taylor Otwell created Laravel as an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework, which did not provide certain features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization.

  4. What is bundle in Laravel?

    Bundles are the heart of the improvements that were made in Laravel 3.0. They are a simple way to group code into convenient “bundles”. A bundle can have its own views, configuration, routes, migrations, tasks, and more. A bundle could be everything from a database ORM to a robust authentication system.

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