RxJS learning cliff and developer’s mental health

RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) is a library for reactive programming using observables that makes it easier to compose asynchronous or callback-based code.

Reactive programming is an asynchronous programming paradigm concerned with data streams and the propagation of change.

RxJS provides an implementation of the Observable type, which is needed until the type becomes part of the language and until browsers support it. The library also provides utility functions for creating and working with observables.

These utility functions can be used for:

  • Converting existing code for async operations into observables
  • Iterating through the values in a stream
  • Mapping values to different types
  • Filtering streams
  • Composing multiple streams


A man never thought that he would be the type of person to suffer a panic attack.

He had always considered himself a low-stress individual, great at rolling with the punches.

Then, one fine day, driving home from work, it happened – a full-blown attack resulting from bouts of anxiety as well as depression he had been suffering at his high-pressure RxJS learning cliff and mental health.

He was feeling so isolated and later realized that he has no one by his side.

“A good manager is going to manage the stress on the team in a way that’s healthy for all of their employees”, he said.

Precautions to be taken by the sufferer

1.Talk openly about your mental health with your boss

First and foremost thing that you must do about your mental illness is to talk about it to the people at your workplace.

Doing this would really help you when you are in need.

Anxiety and depression can happen to a lot of different people and it’s something that we try to push down, but it’s something that we need to talk about more.

After discussing these challenges with your team, it must have become easier for you to prioritize your own mental health, and suddenly, your habits began to change for the better.

You start taking note of the items that moved the needle for your own happiness, such as:

     Firstly,   eating better food,

    Secondly ,  getting more exercise, and

   Thirdly ,  making time to relax every evening.

This will have an outsized impact on your department.

Soon, your stress levels will decrease as well as your colleagues will feel more comfortable talking to you about your feelings.

Morale improved, and your team will become more communicative – both with you and with each other.

Managing Mental Health for Engineering Teams Is About Managing Expectations

Here, the idea of psychological safety is essential for engineering teams looking to improve their mental health, and psychological safety is built with a simple formula:

    Firstly,  Set clear apprehensions

   Secondly,     Convey Precisely

      Lastly,  Treat your team with mercy

If you do those three things, your team will become more comfortable talking to you about mental health issues they may be feeling, allowing you to better support their needs.

If you follow these three things then definitely you will be helped out with your mental health issues.

Here are some preventing things while learning RxJS:

1. Take less number of topics

If you start learning something new you can be overwhelmed with a variety of thing, you have to read about.

In the case of RxJS there are many functions and operators you can learn.

But the rule of thumb here is, limit the scope to some of the core topics up to 5–7 and start learning only them.

2. Cut short your topics and learn easily

RxJS was not an easy fish to catch. So just keep going and learn by small steps.

3. Refresh Yourself

Well, possibly it is very subjective advice but more your drink coffee to swing your mental activity, the more you feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Drink 1 coffee cup a day as well as feel quite good.

4. Change the situation

Usually what helps to me if I am totally in coding and cannot stop thinking of it — I have to do something else: talking with someone, jogging, playing with children, social volunteering activity, walking on the street.

What helps the best is jogging and some handwork.

Running at least 3kms totally removes any mind-stuck states and I feel the energy to continue coding.

5. Don’t change the text, too often

It may seem controversial but it is not.
Except being a developer, also practice mentorship as well as reading and writing articles of Angular and RxJS.

Another thing that can harm your internal stability, trying to read all the messages on your smartphone.

The best thing is to put your phone on silent mode while working.

6. Be Overwhelmed

Life is good even without coding.

Coding is an emissary target but not a sense of life.

Have other methods to keep your mental health in a good mental state.

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