How to Succeed in Business without really trying


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How it is possible to succeed in business without really trying? Wondering!!! how can you succeed in something without trying. But, I am sharing some quick-fixes, basic guidelines which sets the ball rolling for your dream venture.

Building your own business is no easy task, its easier said than done. ‘Who doesn’t want freedom and money’ right? But, it demands real hard work, effort and meticulous planning to kick-start your start-up or making your dream business grow. Do you think the big businessmen running million dollars company succeeded without trying…….Naaah!! People look for easier things in their lives, but the businesses don’t come easy!

One can consult thousands of books and articles on “how to succeed in business” but when its time for action you need a concrete planning and determination to see it through its desired results.

Ditch the traditional routine

If you want non- traditional, life of your dreams then ditch the 9-5 routine. Be prepared to work for unusual hours and “Eat, Sleep and Drink” your business plans along with the liberty to choose your own timings as per your flexibility and requirements.

Life in business can really take a toll on your work-life balance but it provides you with a sense of fullfilment at the end of the day if you have the luxury of working your own hours

One step at a time

Any potential businessperson should take one step at a time that gives much clarity to the tasks and give rhythm to the business. This is the most crucial thing to be kept in mind that you need to be precise and have clarity of thoughts on what should be done next.

Suppose, to lose some kilos you have to be consistent with your training and diet and the result will automatically come. But the result will not come until you take the first step. This process requires tremendous patience and faith in your dream and the ability to achieve your long-term goals. You’ll have to be prepared to take a step or two backward initially but that’s natural and acceptable to grow in the long run. If you can stay patient with the nature of the process stop-and-start, you will see yourself beginning to move forward again.

Serve, don’t sell

Over the years, I have learned how to change the ways in which enthusiastic, motivated entrepreneurs interact with their investors both on social media and in person. All it takes for them is to accept a rule of three words: “Serve, don’t Sell”. Everything you do should be of value to others specially your team and it must add value to the credibility of your organization .Your ideas and intention should always be in services to others. If you follow the basics of ethical values and morality you will automatically attract people who will enrich your career growth and life with their enthusiasm and passion.

Experience counts

Here are two things you can do right away to make sure your business gets going: One, take the time by working for someone else to acquire the knowledge and experience you need in a business where you can learn a lot in a shorter period of time.

Two, Develop a habit of reading and studying the experiences/ Autobiographies of other successful enterpreneurs. Read one or two business books, business magazine on successful businesses daily. Never stop learning and keep enriching yourself with new ideas and learnings.

Minimize the costs

For start-ups and for any other business, you need to have a strict financial planning and budget control to ace the business management of your organization. Failing to control your finances can badly hamper your future business prospects.

Stay true to your roots

“Staying true to your roots” means never forget where you come from. And the pressure to perform may sometimes gets intolerable. When a person knows the ground reality, he is much more capable of handling things on all levels. Often start-up life is a real struggle which is an emotional roller coaster too with highs and lows.

Especially in these times, one need to be mindful of who you are and what needs to be done. Stick to the basics of one day at a time, take care of yourself, your family and friends, and remember to shut down once in a while and take a break. Never forget, this is what you were looking for!!!

Networking is the key

Networking is the main tool that one use to build relationships to elaborate one’s business prospects. Once you have a clear idea of who you are, it becomes much easier to connect with other brands who are working on the same wavelength.

Brands whose branding, core values, and priorities are all in sync with each other they build the best relationships and they create the best business empires. If you are able to maintain these kinds of partnerships, you will find yourself building a powerful business network capable of many exciting, mutually beneficial collaborations.

I am bringing in some of the most popular and admired entrepreneurs in the world to share their best business advice and success tips so that you’re ready to start your own business journey.

From Richard Branson to Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, Mark Cuban, Sophia Amoruso and many more, the business advice from such entrepreneurs is worth millions.

Arianna Huffington said in her interview with CNBC New York “My best piece of advice is to make sure that entrepreneurs connect with their own wisdom and creativity, and that’s becoming harder and harder because we are so addicted to technology.”

Arianna Huffington, is a co-founder of The Huffington Post, author of the recent New York Times bestseller ‘The Sleep Revolution’, and recently stepped down as editor-in-chief of “The Huffington Post” to pursue her new wellness start-up, Thrive Global, which will deliver health coaching and stress reduction seminars.

She gave some tips and share her experience that would help any potential entrepreneur in his/her journey.

Healthy mind, Healthy life

Once, she literally collapsed on her office computer in 2007 due to intense stress and pressure, breaking her cheekbone in the process. She began asking a lot of questions about her lifestyle while rushing from hospital to hospital for consultation. She understood that sleep played a pivotal role in making smart business decisions, and rest for personal growth was necessary. She later found out that the topic of sleep deprivation was something that affected professionals from all fields, and she addressed the issue in her book. She was a vocal advocate of the good sleep in the life of every person.

Don’t afraid of Criticism

Arianna has always been heavily criticized for her writing styles or politics. She insists instead that one should be able to learn from criticism, regardless of where it comes from and one should embrace the criticism.

Critics can be your great assets if you are smart enough to deal with this negativity and don’t let this affect you. There is a way to deal with it ‘ Let them know why you’ve taken the step you’ve taken and let them know how and why it’s going to benefit them, make it clear that anything else they hear is just a lie. This may sound funny, but it helps prepare your readers for it and reinforce their trust in you, rather than the critics upsetting your followers will be the ones fighting for you the critics.


The experiences and the values one gets and imparts in their journey of entrepreneurship is the key to success. These are some insights on what it takes to succeed, and how it is important to prepare oneself for the hardships that life throws in the process. The entrepreneurship process is an ever- evolving learning, life long process where an entrepreneur cannot leave any stone unturned for the success of his venture. A businessman should keep on renewing himself / herself from time to time to produce the most efficient, effective end result. So make time for that contemplation as an entrepreneur, the opportunity to communicate with your best ideas, and get ready for a successful career journey with focus, hard work and determination.

Hope you like our article!!


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