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Hiring a good candidate for your company is important and it quite difficult to hire someone who had vast knowledge about coding and software application.

It is the kind of challenge to hire the responsible candidate for your company. The company made some sort of parameters by which they hire the good and candidate.

The interviewer is the person who takes the interview of the candidate and set some tasks and tests for the candidate.

It is the most important for the interviewer to examine the right and the best candidate for his/her company.

Moreover, interviews are also based on beyond coding and technical field which tells about the candidates and their abilities.

programmer hiring


  • There are three types of interviews:
  1. Face to face interview.
  2. Telephonic interview.
  3. Online interview.


  • This is the kind of interview, where interviewer and candidate interact with each other and form a healthy and good communication.
  • Beyond technical coding, there are many things that an interviewer always notice.
  • That’s the performs of the candidate in his/her previous workplace.
  • The way of communicating as well as answering the questions is also noted by the interviewer in the face to face interaction.


telephonic interview
  • It the interview which based on a telephone conversation.
  • Delivery of speech as well as a way of communicating matters here.
  • The candidates always answer in the decent form and accurate knowledge.
  • IFor telephonic interview, the interviewer made the same patterns of the interview like the set of questions.
  • Answer all the questions with confidence and attractive way.


online interview
  • The candidate had an online interview where all the data and information give and take online.
  • The interviewer planned all the parameter and send to the candidate.
  • Different questions, as well as M.C.Q type questions, are there in the online interview which the candidate fill in a given time.
  • After the online tests, it all depends on the interviewer that he/she gets the relevant answer from your side or not.



The programmers should aware of general knowledge as well as also aware of his/her surrounding like market strategies, different developing concepts, general awareness, etc.

The interviewer, notice how much the programmers know about general concepts.


The interviewer notices the behavior of the candidate, with him/her which decide that the candidate suits the environment of the company or not.


The candidate should aware of himself so that he/she can easily tell the interviewer about him/her. It is really important to know ourselves properly because it builds confidence in front of the interviewer.

And the interviewer also notices how much a candidate know him/her better which also help to hire the person.


Communication skills are very important to every person who gives the interview, good communication skills help the candidate to express his/her thought in front of anyone.

Mostly the interviewer notices the delivery of speech , that how a candidate communicate.


The most important thing that an interviewer catches is the thinking abilities of the candidate, that how effectively he/she think and for this the interviewer assign some parameters or tasks to the candidate.


It is really important that the candidate should be active and self-monitored because all the company needs fit and active candidates who handle the task given to them. And it considers very important to hire the candidate.


  • A programmer knows the technical strategies and application-based programs but rather than this, the interviewer also notices the behavior of the candidates.
  • The interviewer also notices the ability to handle the situations by giving him/her a task or on the spot situations.
  • Self-awareness is the most important thing that the candidate always remembered.
  • He/she also know about him/her self to describe themselves in front of the interviewer.
  • Although, the candidate had good communication skills and effective ideas of problem-solving.
  • And also take care of the activities you do, in front of your interviewer.
  • Self-monitoring and disciplined behavior matters in the company.


pick the right candidate
  • Pick the right candidate who deserves to be in your company as well as the one who clear all the parameters of the interview.


Hence, the interviews are the most important as well as, we see it as a parameter where the candidates have to show their abilities of technical coding,

And likewise that they also show the abilities to be a part of the company.

Knowledge of coding as well as knowledge about your own self and maintaining that is the big task for the candidate.

Even the interviewer also set the parameter to judge the candidate’s skills and knowledge.

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