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Node.js is a tool used in back-end development. The main role of a Node.js coder is to establish a connection between server and client. Consequently, they create the logic of app functionality and respond to every external feedback possible. Matter of fact, Node.js is also used in front-end development. Hence, it becomes crucial for the coder to know about front-end functionality and how front-end connects with the back-end. Even more, Node.js is also used to integrate third-party tools into the software.

Node.js coders have diverse responsibilities.

Node.js coders are responsible for the execution of many tasks. Also, they have these following responsibilities:

  • Agile methods knowledge
  • Front-end provision
  • Writing clear code
  • Security feature implementation
  • Bug detection
  • Third-party integrations
  • Working with databases
  • Keeping up with technology

Consequently, to understand how the hire the best Node.js developers, we will first look at the skills required.


A Node.js developer’s skills can be divided into three categories: junior, middle and senior. Hence, we will now look at the key features of each skill type.

Junior Node.js skills

  1. Understanding of Node.js basics (Event Loop, Libuv, Asynchronous Programming, etc.
  2. Knowledge of JavaScript (JS).
  3. Knowledge of popular Node.js frameworks. Click here to learn more.
  4. Database basics (relational/non-relational databases).

Middle/Senior Node.js skills

  1. HighLoad projects
  2. Architectural patterns
  3. Microservices architecture
  4. Performance optimization

Apart from these hard skills, there are some essential soft skills. For instance, thirst for knowledge/continual learning, algorithmic thinking, and analytical ability.

Interview questions

As an employer, it is very crucial to know about the skill set of your future developer. Moreover, every company wants the best developer for their company. Hence, here are some sample questions to assess them:

  • What is Closures?
  • Explain the event loop in Node.js.
  • Why is Node.js single threaded?
  • What are event emitters in Node.js?
  • Provide the steps for setting up an Express.js application.

Besides, these are questions evaluating their hard skills. Similarly, questions related to soft skills are also important. These questions will check his personality skills like stress tolerance, conflict management, and creativity.

Recruiting freelance developers

Freelance developers are the most easily available. It is so because they have various platforms to apply to. However, beware of the real quality of the freelancer’s work. You can read reviews about their job qualifications and experience.

Also, one Node.js coder is not enough to build brand new software from scratch. You will need a QA engineer, UI/UX designer and probably some front-end devs.

So, if you want to tweak and make small changes in your software, freelance developers seem like a viable option. Furthermore, let’s look at their advantages and limitations.


  • Inexpensive
  • Availability of many specialists


  • Developers may disappear at the worst possible time, which leads to a delay in the development process.
  • Contracts are not signed, and neither is a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Different time zones.

Where to look?

Do you need to complete a project within a prescribed budget and time?

Codersera is a global community of top developers, coders, mentors, PMs and CTOs. Generally, we undertake the development of a fully fledged product. Starting from UI/UX designs to building wireframes, and scaling it up to enterprise level apps. This is the best platform for startups that are not capable of hiring a full-time developer but want quality work.

Even more, a developer’s selection process for the platform is quite rigorous. Developers have five screening rounds. Only less than 1% make it to the end (imagine the difficulty). Afterward, Codersera inspects the developers for their expertise.

Consequently, any clients who have successfully got their projects done admire Codersera. Also, the clients are happy with their workers’ dedication and productivity. Applying online is quite easy to do. However, the developer rates are high due to the assured quality of work. If you are looking for a developer, click here.


Now you have to estimate the budget of your project. Then you need to know the hourly rates of freelancers. The rates are different for each continent, so let’s have a look:

  1. North America: Junior developers – $41-60; Middle/Senior developers – $80-120
  2. Europe: Junior developers – $51-70; Middle/Senior developers – $61-90
  3. Asia: Junior developers – $41-60; Middle/Senior developers – $61-80


Finally, keep these things in mind when you hire a coder.

Codersera follows three steps. The first step is to post your requirement or even an idea. The second step is to select the top coders from a pool of expert coders. Finally, the third step is to wait and be updated with the work. Have any query regarding any subject, click here.

Do you want to view the profiles of some of the top coders? Visit this page to know more.

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