Five Upcoming Tools For Software Developers, you should keep your eye on.

Five Upcoming Tools For Software Developers

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You will definitely agree that today developing tools are the helping hands of the developers. There are too many tools that help to create robust applications. A developer should know about the upcoming tools that might be helpful to them for future projects.

Here are the top five upcoming tools for software developers that fulfill their need to build projects.

1. Creates a direct workflow for your software:

GitHub Actions

It is the first new upcoming developer’s tool and you can try GitHub Action by signing up on its official website. It gives developers the flexibility to build an automated lifecycle workflow for software development. And Workflows run in Linux, macOS, Windows, and containers on GitHub-hosted servers. So developers can create workflows using actions defined in their repository, open-source actions in a public repository on GitHub, or a published Docker container image.

GitHub Actions

Some feature of GitHub Actions are:

Write tasks (Actions) to create your custom workflow.

  • GitHub introduced GitHub Actions to customize your workflow. “Actions” is a feature of GitHub using code packaged in a Docker container running on GitHub’s servers. Developers can set up triggers for events, such as introducing new code to a testing channel, that set off Actions to take further steps involving that code defined by principles set by administrators.
  • Like most of the projects, software development is usually broken down in dozens, hundreds, or thousands of small steps depending on the scope of the project. Teams need to coordinate on the progress of those steps, such as whether they are ready for review or still need some work, as well as coordinating the merging of that code into existing software without breaking anything.

These Actions, which is now

  • In limited unrestricted beta,
  • Developers can set up the workflow to build,
  • Use packages, and
  • Update and deploy the code.

Compile and Run automatical

  • This tool is considered as a “Biggest shift ever in the history of GitHub”. Neither, have you ever thought that there would a tool that customizes your workflow according to your needs? It’s just a new concept to enhance the productivity of the developers. It is a more flexible version of shortcut, on GitHub as well as it designed to allow developers to create an action inside a container to augment and connect their workflow.

Actions are shareable and discoverable

  • That means no more mucking around different services just to create one single project or get your code into production. With GitHub Actions, you can continuous integration tool that allows developers to automate tasks for their web projects which consume less time by sharing and discover the codes.
  • Just like Repos in GitHub- To put your projects up on GitHub, it is important to create a repository for it to live in. You have to create public repositories for an open-source project and this includes a license file that determines how many people you want to share your codes. But with Actions, it is easy to share and discover the codes. GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories.
  • It allows the developers who have worked on GitHub projects in private repositories. That accounts contain a huge amount of corporate or business development projects. To list contributions to some of those projects without giving away all the secrets.

Some cool terms use by developers on GitHub Action:

  • Workflow
  • Workflow File
  • Job
  • Workflow Run
  • Action
  • Step
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Artifact
  • Events
  • Runner
  • Virtual Environment

Let’s move to the second another Tool for developers.

2. A transparent development automation tool:


Automate deployments with your custom-ready CI even for complex apps, to your servers or cloud. It is a transparent deployment tool by developers for developers, with the possibility to easily deploy complex applications, as well as static websites or client-side projects directly from your CI.

It is a software deployment tool that lets you deploy your applications, regardless of the level of complexity. This deployment product supports the deployment of Kotlin, Java, Scala applications, and does an excellent job of providing a live editor. With the editor, you can monitor and control every step involved in the software deployment process.


As a DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer, you’d find what DeployPlace offers to be quite exciting. The deployment tool is very supportive of CI/CD.

DeployPlace will amaze you with its focused features which positively hit the market.

  • Control your program with live editor
    It is absolutely transparent, unlike other deployment tools, DeployPlace is one step up. It comes with live editor which controls all your actions and makes things easy for you.

  • Get an advanced Dashboard for your applications
    This another feature that creates the history say deployPlace committed to auto-deploy and comes with external integrations such as Slack notifications, New Relic, Sentry, etc.

  • Working on any complex application- make it easy with DelpoyPlace
    The developers with DeployPlace easily deal with complex application. Just prepared your CI and it will do all for you. Customizable deployment templates allow you to tweak any sensitive parameter to ensure every aspect of your server is set up properly.

DeployPlace will useful for developers who do not want to get involved in the deployment process of apps. So you can center on writing code and developing features, with the support that it’ll be deployed with the highest standards when using DeployPlace. DevOps Developers looking to abstract complexities when deploying services will also find DeployPlace to be a great tool.

You only need to add the CI of your app and the server details and the job is done. CIs such as GitlabCI, CircleCI, TravisCI, BambooCI, and Jenkins are all supported.

This one is really cool for the developers, New as well as easy. Let’s move to the next tool that is:

3. As easy As Pie-


QueryPie welcomes the developers with a complete cross-platform database IDE. Mark the month of July 2019, the Beta version of QueryPie was officially released for the developers who want to experience a new way to work with data. Using it is easy as well as pleasing for the UI/UX.

The beta version of QueryPie supports the OS environment for Windows, Mac, and Linux. And currently, it supporting DBMSs- MySQL, MariaDB, and AWS Aurora for MySQL. The Beta version of QueryPie is available currently.


It will provide you some awesome feature that makes your developing experience so rocking.

  • Directly edit in the data grid
    You can add, delete, and copy data easily right in the data grid.

  • Run import/ export and get the result export list
    The top icon provides a simple import/export function. Just click the bottom Export Files icon to see a list of downloaded files.

  • Have SQL AutoComplete
    Fast, automatic table/column/view information and query completion enhances database productivity and makes writing SQL easier

  • Auto-Commit Option setting and Code Review Capabilities
    Auto-Commit mode is simple to turn on or off. View a list of uncommitted transactions by clicking on the corresponding button at the top to enable code review.

  • Easily get SQL history and syntax
    When you click the right SQL History button, you can view the history of queries that runs. Simply press the Copy button to copy and re-run or share the syntax.

  • Run multiple SQL queries
    Run multiple queries at the same time and view all the results instantly without having to switch between panels. You can view the Run result panels side-by-side or stacked, making comparisons more convenient

  • Convenient object information panel and search function
    You can compare several table information using panels and view Data, Structure, Index, Relation, Trigger, Info and Scripts in the table. You can also use the search function to find and filter only the specific data you want to view.

  • Select or retrieve database
    When you connect to the database, you can select the schema in the upper left corner and see a list of tables, views, procedures, triggers and more. You can also search directly for these elements. Merely double-click a table name to view table information in the right-hand object panel.

  • Get a Dashboard connection list
    You can easily enter and create connection information from the main dashboard. Linked databases are sorted by color which makes finding and accessing specific databases very easy.

QueryPie targets to Database users from different backgrounds: DBAs, developers, and SQL Engineers to Planners related directly to the databases, Marketers, and Data Scientists.

It’s essential for all startups and small businesses that work with databases. Development organizations can configure and manage databases and run SQL faster than any other tool using QueryPie. Non-development organizations can securely access databases, analyze and visualize data they want, and organize as well as share dashboards with QueryPie.

Additionally, all actions passed to the database through QueryPie are transparently written in a blockchain. This enables high-level database security audits, and also provides a database Fraud Detection System (FDS) that lets users learn the usual database access patterns. Users can also track SQL execution patterns and send alerts to the administrator in advance if abnormal activity is detected. With this method, companies can easily meet the legal guidelines for various expected privacy measures.

This one the sweet like a Pie and familiar to MySQL.

4. AutomatedApi– For backend services to automate

AutomatedApi is up and running with user registration, login, API creation, and API access. The main purpose of this tool is to store data for your applications for further use so that you can easily able to get any data without worrying about how it works.

Reserve your user name now with Automated Api. It provides you three simple #steps to build applications.

#First Just tell Automated API, what you want to store and click

After that, #Secondly click and reach the familiar reference interface to work and connect to your service.

#Third Chill and have a break it’s done!

Automated API

So, have you see in a few simple steps you save your lots of time. AutomatedApi lets you hit the ground running, so you can deliver new functionality faster. Stop spending time on code stuff and start spending it on developing. It generates solutions in minutes that would take developers hours. From basic models to complex object graphs, the more you build the more you save.

Client-side applications are everywhere, and many client-side developers do not enjoy doing server-side tasks. However, client-side applications still need to display data, and it has to come from a server. With AutomatedApi, frontend developers can build their applications and consume APIs without needing to have the skills of a backend developer. Simply as setup and consume. Automated API is currently in its Closed Beta stage.

5. Expand your code Brain- ExBrain

Writing code is hard. Reading code is even harder!

ExBrain is a tool which is uses as the external brain of developers. It will help the developers to break down the workload by learning silly codes and prioritize and focus on what is important to learn to get maximum results.

Because the developers spend most of their time to learning or reading code and get frustrated with this task, so to ease their work this tool coming in the market. Each codebase has its own format. Understanding what the classes, functions, and methods better. It is more useful to the developers who are new in this coding field.


This external brain works so perfectly. Well! its feature proves it.

  • Follows the progress
    This tool follows your work progress while learning code. ExBrain shows how progressively you completing your work.

  • Divide and generate
    ExBrain generates the code by dividing codebase into manageable blocks, which is quite easy for the developer to learn the code and split the codebase into flashcards

  • Never forget what learned
    ExBrain helps the developer to remember everything that they learned by using the proven technique of spaced repetition.

ExBrain will improve your productivity by helping you learn and remember everything about your codebase.


A lot of software development tools look to provide solutions to problems faced when creating software. There are many products in the market but these tools actually help the developers to make large and customize applications. But these are the five tools for developers, which work as their helping-hands, as well as increase their productivity that they have more time to build applications.

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