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In 2019, mobile applications have witnessed widespread usage. Almost everyone has a smartphone. As a result, many tasks in our daily life, for which we used to go to places, are handled by apps. Nowadays there is an app for everything.

Likewise, a mobile application for business is an added advantage for any small business. If you’re handling a business, there are several tasks to be monitored. Having an app means you can provide your customers with a digital experience. After all, who doesn’t want to do their work with the comfort of their homes?

So the concern boils down to mobile application development. It is easy to find a lot of good developers in this field, thanks to freelancing, IT boom, and ease of communication. Since this is the development of a mobile app, coding is involved. Having knowledge of the latest language tools and technologies is a requisite.

Besides coding, there are a few stages while making an app. These include:

  • Idea description and clarification
  • Communication with a software development company
  • Cost estimation etc.
Mobile application for business.

Companies such as Zappos, Domino’s Pizza, and EDF Energy have the most effective mobile apps.

The process is complex but certainly worth the effort.

Along with the ever-growing usage of smartphones, it looks viable that more people will handle their businesses using apps. Here, we will see the steps to make the best mobile application.

Idea description and requirements analysis

The first thing you need to do is to contact a software development company and give a general description of your application. For instance, if you want an app to deliver items from your grocery store, tell them about it. Like you want to display discount items on the home page.

Then you have to give them a reference app. Using that and your app requirements, the company prepares a ballpark cost estimate.

Now, building an app for online shopping depends on various factors. These factors vary with different app types. Then you get to talk to the Account Manager and Tech Lead to decide on the app’s feature set.

A feature set means the list of features that can be utilized with the app.

Then you talk about the target platform to the company. That is Android and iOS. So you have to build two apps for a seamless experience on multiple devices. Also, you have to decide on a pricing model. The mobile application we have discussed above is for a grocery store. So you have to sign a fixed price contract and prepare the employee costs in advance.

Now we have to introspect what is the complexity of your mobile application. Based on that, the communication part of your project will take time. Eventually, in the end, you will understand the functional (what the app should do) and non-functional (how the app does it) requirements of your project.

If you are interested to go for the FP contract, then ensure that your tech vision covers all the features you’d like to enable in your application. In case you wish to apply extra features in the mobile application, you have to sign a supplementary contract to the company. Also, pay for those features separately. According to your FP contract, you won’t be able to review any of the features until the end of the whole dev process.

Mobile application design and development

The user interface (UI) of an application is a very small portion of mobile app development. A server enables the mobile app logic. The server is built using web development technologies like PHP and Ruby.

The app logic includes live chat (or other contact info, so that customers’ queries are resolved), shopping category distribution, social features (social media profile links, comments, ratings, etc.), referral/loyalty programs (refer to a friend and earn shopping points, special discount codes, offers), and payments. Also, you need to set up a web-based administrator console through which you can update menu and prices, manage locations and track orders.

A great mobile application consists of a set of modules that can be developed and deployed immediately. Now, what features are essential for a mobile application? Which ones will be useful for the customers?
To find this out, start with the basic version of your app, conduct testing, then add the feature set based on user feedback.

Finally, let us talk about the design part. The design should be done based on thorough user research. You may also include a user experience (UX) designer and you’ll find out how app screens are connected. This will help customers to make hassle-free transactions. Make sure the screen size matches the requirements of the Google Play Store and App Store.

Here are some ways to speed up your mobile application development.


This is the hardest part of mobile application development. Imagine a situation where your application is made in 4-5 months, and now you have to advertise it. If you are promoting the app inside your store, that’s a different matter. But, if you have an online delivery business only, you need to create some buzz on the internet before its launch.

Plan a sufficient marketing budget ($30000+) and here are some tips to follow:

  • A unique app feature.
  • A WordPress promotional website with an explainer video and information about the project. Then start a Google AdWords campaign and increase the website traffic and encourage visitors to subscribe for updates.
  • Start a blog sharing employee experiences and share news on social media.
  • Bring the basic version of the app and conduct tests to refine your product.
  • Plan a soft launch to test your business model.

There is a fact which makes us concern. Marketing a mobile application on a tight budget is difficult. Also, the average cost per install rates is at a moderate level.

So these are some of the factors you need to take care of before beginning to produce a mobile application for business.

Further reading…

There are various apps for business. These apps can help you handle business tasks with ease. Some of the business apps are:

  • ActivTrak
  • BambooHR
  • Evernote Scannable
  • Zoho Docs Standard
  • ClickMeeting
  • Expensify

With the advent of remote work, it is much easier to find expert mobile app devs. A lot of new generation employees are choosing remote work as their career mode. This means that you can hire developers from the comfort of your office. Furthermore, you may use communication apps to communicate with the employee. You don’t have to fund him/her and assign an office. The company pays the remote worker and the worker does the work from home. This is an added advantage.

Even more, an average human being in 2019 is spending more time on smartphones. This implies that there is a high scope of app growth in the future. Only you have to ensure that the app is user-friendly and has an attractive interface with the latest features installed.

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Even more, a developer’s selection process for the platform is quite rigorous. They have five screening rounds. Only less than 1% make it to the end (imagine the difficulty). Afterward, Codersera inspects them for their expertise.

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