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In this digital day and age, mobile applications have turned out to be a true blessing for the working professionals in managing our work schedules, keeping a tab on our health parameters, and managing our tight workout schedules.

These Applications boost the productivity of the employees and help to maintain a stress-free work-life balance. Mobile applications are a true savior to combat stress-related issues and provide quick information in just a few seconds. In addition, they keep us connected to the people around the globe at the touch of our fingertips.

Truly, life is much easier and planned because of the mobile applications around!!.

Apparently, techniques and strategies aren’t enough, if one doesn’t have the required tools. Today, we have certain applications that ease our work and eventually boost employee productivity due to the ease of navigation to manoeuver around various devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones and work remotely too.

Presenting a List of important applications that would ensure increased employee productivity and better work-life balance at the workplace :

1. 15Five


This helpful app is one of the most user-friendly mobile apps for workers because it opens up a communication line between supervisors and subordinates as well as through teams. The software enables managers to set up weekly check-ins with workers and has a feature that allows employees to ask questions or ask supervisors for clarity.

It is an intelligent way to increase employee engagement and productivity. 15Five benefitted at many platforms and to match up with the fast-paced environment every time is the best quality of this. The app helps everyone get the recognition they deserve for a well-done job, thus helping managers identify areas where better performance could be coached.

2. Slack

Slack is way more organized than any other app. Basically, it is a messaging app that has every quality, is faster, organized, and offers a variety of integration than any other messaging app. Every office should have Slack in its systems.

Slack is divided into threads that are specific to a particular subject, allowing you to start a conversation while you’re on the job. Link files, mark friends, build checklists, and more on a particular channel. It boosts productivity in the real true sense.

3. Hootsuite

This app is really beneficial as it handles all your social media in one place. It is a platform that manages social media. It was created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. Specific integrations can be found through the App Directory of Hootsuite, including Twitter, Storify, Tumblr, and Marketo.

Larger organizations, with multiple users, teams, and places, should handle full-blown social campaigns. While it can help larger companies manage their social media staff better, it can also help new startups that can not afford to hire a full-time dedicated social media manager to run campaigns properly.

4. Skedulo

An app made for teams across multiple jobs, Skedulo is the answer to the 5W question: who, what, where, why, and when? This workplace app provides managers with a job description to schedule their employees at a specific time and worksite. The change is applied to all on the team so that each task is organized properly.

Job data can also be exported or used in combination with other devices with features such as maps and calendars built-in. In addition, data capture features within the software allow workers to monitor the job as it is completed for record-keeping and transparency purposes.

5. Mint

Proper money management is crucial, whether you save for an upcoming cost personally or a Fortune 500 corporation that manages a vast number of people and assets. For Mint, once you log into your account, you can get a quick snapshot of your financial situation.  

6. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is so much more than just a list of tasks, an award-winning to-do list app. Employees may build tasks complete with explanations and images, then delegate them as they are being worked on or track their progress. Work together on individual projects or combined projects through teams and always know the progress through real-time alerts.

Wunderlist is like a lifesaving jacket for workers who have a lot of running activities to keep track of or neglect the smaller details. Tasks can be programmed to be repeated or repeated and archived for each completed task. This is an app that values transparency and recordkeeping as much as functionality.

7. Expensify

Expenditure issues often occur and are usually accompanied by a tedious process of reporting. Expensify is a must-have mobile app for real-time tracking and cataloging of expenditures. When making a purchase, an employee simply enters the nature of the purchase, the quantity, and any other relevant information.

Then with their smartphone, they can take a picture of the receipt. Expenses for processing and reimbursement can then be exported individually or in bulk. This app reduces headaches and pitfalls with cost reporting and minimizes processing time for faster reimbursement.

8. GoToMeeting

As I mentioned earlier, remote work is popular among startups, and even large established companies turn positions into remote jobs, enabling their employees to work from home. GoToMeeting helps you to hold high-quality video meetings, share your screen— laptop or iPad— with your friends, and document the whole meeting to share with those who couldn’t do it.

Not only is this tool great for internal use by organizations, but it can also be used to conduct webinars to generate leads or to offer demonstrations to potential customers. The traditional conference call days are long gone — the new standard in video conferencing.

9. Zendesk

Processes and practices have been defined by each company. However, they do not have documentation on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Zendesk serves as a portal for all the Q&A needs and SOP documents of your client. If someone has a question, you can direct them to Zendesk where they have already archived the answer. And if it’s a brand-new request, an entry for future reference can be easily created.

Zendesk has the added bonus of being a piece of software that is both internal and customer-facing. Use it as a workplace app for your daily operations or create a tool that can be referenced by your customers to streamline customer service.

10. Parsely

You’ve probably heard many times about the value of content marketing. In reality, you are likely to regularly publish content on your blog— but do you know if it works? How does your audience respond to your content? Which sort of ROI is the return of your content marketing? Parsely is a tool for you to answer these questions.

If you can quickly identify marketing strategies that work to broaden your digital reach, you can spend more time creating more content and less time trying to shoot out what works and what isn’t. Focusing all of your content production on tested working techniques means you’re going to see a higher ROI from your campaign.

11. Evernote

In its online apps, Evernote still shines. Notes can be attached to pictures and video, converted into checklists, marked and annotated, or stitched for comprehensive knowledge together. Evernote makes it easy to keep track of data for personal or group use.

Note-taking is an undervalued skill that greatly benefits anyone on the job. While monitoring the discussion in a meeting or listing ideas for a project, Evernote continues to be the pioneer in taking note of workplace applications. And, being able to use it is so easy that it can easily become an integrated part of any office workplace.

12. Camcard

Business cards are still used in the business world but it is difficult to keep them handy all the time. If you’re in sales or networking, the Rolodex of your old school is probably chocked-full of cards. Camcard is used to digitize cards that will remain as a backup in your cloud. You just need to click the picture and the software pulls out all the details by creating a Rolodex with pictures of the card.

CamCard takes the stress from trying to remember contacts and is great for on-the-go workers who need to get in touch with their network at any time. Even with a fingertip, the app allows you to make phone calls, send emails or access the social media of your contact.


Workplace apps (just like workplace management software) are becoming increasingly integrated into everyday business operations with smart technology always in our pockets. And that’s why! The right app in the right hands can greatly enhance your ability to get the job done quickly and properly.

Moreover, it would keep things more organized and you will be easily accessible to everything. Apps make our life so easier and it will really help you to be more productive in office hours or if you have a business then it would be beneficial for you as well. Sales representatives don’t have to wait to get updates or enter reports in the database to the office anymore.

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  1. What are productivity tools?

    Office productivity tools are applications that allow for the viewing, creating, and modifying of general office documents (e.g. spreadsheets, memos, presentations, letters, personal database, form generation, image editing, etc.). Office productivity tools also include applications for managing employee tasks.

  2. What is productivity in the office?

    Workplace productivity is the efficiency with which tasks and goals are completed at an organization. It's calculated using the following formula: Productivity= Units of Output / Units of Input.

  3. Why is productivity important at work?

    Productivity helps to improve customer relationships. If employees are not productive, they usually become unmotivated and disconnected which will lead to a negative impact on the culture of the organisation and staff. Improved engagement is one of the most important aspects of productivity in a workplace.

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