Best Programming Languages for 2019.

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To get an awesome and expensive project for your company, here are some best programming languages which you have to know to build an application.

programming languages

It’s really important to know your projects as well as the programming languages that help you to build the application. The programming language is the language which helps to create the application and developers first learn all the programming language which they apply in the programs.

Technically, a programming language is a formal language or you say it is a set of instructions which help to help to build the application or program which gives various outputs.

Every different project has a different use of programming language, meanwhile, it’s all up to the developer that which kind of programming language he/she uses for his/her project as well as it is not also compulsory to use one language to all the project.

best programming languages

Before you know the programming languages the first thing comes in your mind is the projects, there are different types of project that are list below:

  1. Mobile apps
  2. Machine language, AI and big data analytics
  3. Back-end software development
  4. websites

Here we explain all the best programming languages according to the above projects, which is easy to understand for you and help you to create the program for the same.

Mobile Apps

mobile apps
Mobile medicine, mhealth, online doctor. Hand holding smartphone with medical app. Modern flat design graphic concept, thin line icons set for web banners, websites, infographics. Vector illustration

It is quite difficult for everyone nowadays to stay away from their mobile phones as well as mobile phones are part of our life. Meanwhile, the use of movie phones are now is so much that everyone had using it. As well as it influences the consumers and the companies as well.

The applications that you use are built by the developers using different programming languages like JAVA, React Native as well as JavaScript. One more language that the developer uses is Swift.

Machine language, AI and big data analytics

machine learning

We are in the era of big data revolution where machine learning, data analytics as well as artificial intelligence use every day. there come languages used by the developers to participate in this new revolution.
The programming languages are:
1. Java
2. Python
3. Scala

For the machine language, AI, as well as data analytics above programming languages, are best for this.

Back-end software development:

apps for software development

For the gaming purpose or websites, there is always a back end of supporting infrastructure. For back-end programming, for the software, the language such as Java, Ruby, Python, C#, as well as PHP are the best programming language.

Ruby is for prototyping and MVP( minimum viable data) whereas Python is the favorite to all. Moreover, PHP represents the back-end of more than approx. 80% of the website.



Web development is divided into two parts first the front-end and the second one is back-end. The front end is everything you use and interacts with and back-end is data management. Meanwhile,
JavaScript is the most easier platform to build a website as well as one more programming language which is React-Native-Web, but this language is not used by everyone as people know less about it and this language is also easy to run.

JavaScript has three main frameworks:
1. React
2. Vue.js
3. Angular

There are some more best as well as useful programming languages that are given below:

Programming languages:

Here all the best programming languages are written in this article which is useful as well as help you to build your applications and websites.

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