Best Cities to Launch a Startup Outside of the U.S.

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When individuals speak about tech entrepreneurs as well as start-ups on the Internet, they generally end up speaking about Silicon Valley as well as nearby regions. After all, the world press seems to always have their eyes on:

  • Mountain View,
  • Menlo Park, as well as
  • Palo Alto,
    just in case something occurs that will help them sell newspapers or ad space online.

It’s certainly true that as recently as five to ten years ago you were taken less seriously as an entrepreneur if you didn’t have a head office in the Valley region. But times have changed, as well as it didn’t take long for significant towns around the globe to begin developing their own tech scenes by offering incentives as well as infrastructure or promoting venture capital companies to create a presence in the region.

In reality, because of its elevated price of living as well as the fact that it can be so hard to discover talent, more, as well as more individuals, are looking to move away from the Valley.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”
Thomas Watson

After all, how should you employ the finest technicians that cash can purchase if all of them are busy at Google and Facebook? But this raises another question: where should you set up your headquarters if you are not going to base yourself in the US? It’s time to get to know.

1. London

London is by no means as tightly packed as some areas of America with techies and founders, but that’s because they’re spread all over the vast town. Rent can be costly in the town middle, but in the periphery and suburbs where tech talent thrives, there are plenty of sub-communities.

There are also great transport connections to Europe and America, as well as numerous economic incentives and co-working spaces. Better yet, at the 100-acre ExCel London, some of the world’s largest meetings and trade shows.

London is particularly popular among economic start-ups thanks to the financial district of the city and its history as a center for international trade, although there is plenty of space for everyone and a number of more niche sectors on the increase.

But despite this, as you will see from the other entries on this list, it’s against some rigid competition.

2. Berlin

Berlin is both a cultural hub and a start-up hub, and it is no coincidence that TechCrunch is holding a Disrupt Conference installment there. Germany benefits from a powerful place at the heart of European politics while at the same time acting as a creativity melting pot. You are more likely to see a startup in London that specializes in providing safe cryptocurrency transactions, while they are more likely to target publication and the arts in Berlin.

Berlin is both a cultural hub and a start-up hub, and it is no coincidence that a Disrupt Conference installment is being held there by TechCrunch. Germany benefits from a strong position at the core of European politics while simultaneously acting as a melting pot of creativity. You’re more likely to see a London startup specializing in offering secure cryptocurrency transactions, while they’re more likely to target Berlin’s publishing and arts.

3. Toronto

The Toronto startup scene may be slightly lower than the London and Berlin scenes, but it quickly becomes a worldwide contender and one of Canada’s top innovation locations. It has its fair share of venture capital cash and in a number of distinct sectors, it is becoming the go-to destination for fresh startups.

Toronto’s artificial intelligence (AI) scene and the exciting fresh ways that technology can be harnessed to process information and enhance our lives are particularly notable. AI, together with its counterpart machine learning technology is changing everything from healthcare and finance to how our traffic lights operate and how we decide on Netflix to look next. Toronto helps guide the charge.

4. Guadalajara

This Mexican town may sound like an extraordinary location to gather tech startups, but over the past twenty years or so it has quietly developed its high-tech industry, mainly through manufacturing and heavy-duty industrial technology. Now it is also beginning to become the next hot place for fresh startups.

Sometimes, you just have to go out on a limb to move the needle for your business.

-Peter F. Drucker

Sure, in terms of its facilities and the general scene, Guadalajara may be less advanced than the other towns on this list. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – after all, it implies that there’s plenty of room for newbies to come along and make a mark on the scene.

5. Singapore

Singapore is often called Asia’s gateway, and that’s just one of the many reasons why startups of all shapes and sizes seeking to crack the profitable emerging market are a common location. It is also a cultural melting pot, which implies picking up fresh thoughts and fresh ways of thinking is a wonderful place.

The downside is that living and doing company in Singapore is amazingly costly, and if you want to fit in, there are particular cultural quirks to learn. It is, however, a famous destination especially for economic start-ups and high-tech innovators.



As you’ve likely seen from the varied list of places on this list, want to be entrepreneurs have a lot of choices and a lot of pressure to make the correct decision when it comes to choosing where to base their company.

The excellent news is that distinct nations and towns come with their own subtle nuances, which implies that when it comes to where the best is, there is no correct or wrong answer. Suddenly, founders have a decision–which implies they can weigh up the pros and cons of various towns and find out what works best.

The place you choose has a deep impact on everything from the culture of the business to your general business reputation and the networking activities that you will have at your disposal. It’s not a choice to be taken lightly, and often it makes sense to spend some time in a few places, scouting around and having a feeling for the distinct start-up scenes. You’re going to understand it when you discover your new home.

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