15 Best App Ideas For Startup Applications

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If you are planning to come up with a start-up business, then make sure you have a great idea that will touch many hearts and earn you profits as well. Presenting here a list of top unique app ideas for start up applications that will help you choose and plan your business/ start-up ideas.

A smartphone is being used by almost everyone these days and it is nothing without a lot of applications installed on your phone. Also, companies are becoming highly inclined towards launching their applications to expand their business profits and reach.

Mobile applications have become an invincible part of each one of ours lives because of the ease of work execution they offer. These Applications boost our productivity and help to maintain a stress-free work-life balance by managing our work schedules, shopping, booking a film/ play, putting an alarm, keeping a tab on our health parameters and what not.

It is everywhere and is only going to grow from here. So, you can definitely plan to work on that app idea you have been long thinking about.

What will be the purpose of your app and how will you expand its reach are some of the essential questions that you should be able to answer, before taking the plunge! Yet one of the best app ideas to come up with is not as straightforward as it would seem. This is the most important and daunting aspect of the cycle that you have to conquer.

Apps are easier to use and explore and looks way nicer than a mobile website. Looking at the growth rate of app development industry, virtually every developer/ entrepreneurs are trying to make money in this area by inventing newer apps everyday.

Now, these ideas are just a way to get you started and to put you on the right track, you can weigh the pros, cons, market demands, feasibility and other features to these applications according to your audience and their needs.

Let us get started with the list of compelling ideas that you can work on if you are planning to start a business of your own-

Top 15 App Ideas for Start-up Applications

15 Best App Ideas For Startup Applications

1. Restaurant Reservation App

This seems like a great idea, considering the number of people eating out these days and business meetings taking place outside the work zone. This application will provide a graphical interface of cafes and restaurants in the local area and will allow the users to book a specific table in advance for a limited period of time.

You can also use AI through which this software can remember the user’s history and will make recommendations accordingly in the future. AI will not only aid you in selecting better eating joints but will also make them more customized for the guests.

Also, you can offer great discounts initially to start bringing in the business!

2. Foreign Language Learning App

Till now, there ain’t a great language learning app yet and this could be your jackpot idea, you’ve been looking for!

Thanks to the many online platforms, learning a foreign language in the comforts of your home and in your own country is a reality. It would be a blessing specially for those who want to learn a foreign language but cannot afford going abroad or can’t pay hefty fees in some colleges.

This language learning application will give the users access to a few beginner tutorials on various languages. The application will have various levels of difficulty with alphabets and simple letters at the beginner’s level to the advanced level which will have proper conversations.

The application will also have multiple voice notes through which learners can understand how a word is pronounced so that the users don’t feel the need for live sessions.

3. Doctor’s Appointment Booking App

Does it ever happen that you forget about your doctor’s visit? Everybody heads to their physician for daily health check-ups, but in order to do so, they must remember and schedule appointments for themselves.

This medical application can be one of the best medical apps that will alert the patient whenever a health check-up is due. This will also begin sending out a text message for the appointment and inform the user whether or not it has been accepted.

4. Health Tracker

An application through which you can track your health

This is an application that will target the fitness freaks by providing access to top health consultants / health mentors registered on it, who will guide you managing health needs on the touch of your fingertips! The program will include multiple charts to help the consumer monitor their overall health-such as weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, and so on.

Consumers can also be provided specific meal charts, lifestyle plans, diet plans according to their health conditions. It can be incorporated with the chat room, which enables users to directly communicate with the community as well as healthcare providers in real-time by booking a slot.

5. Professional Video Editing App

Usage of social media is huge and more in demand, even though preferences for trendy social media applications are continuously shifting. More and more people are putting their individual/ personal stories/ daily affairs in video format on social media not just for sharing but for selling goods as well.

Therefore, these posts need to look polished and attractive to garner the viewers attention. This is where the idea of a video editing comes in, through which you can easily let people edit their videos.

Thanks to youtube, vlogging is a big money minting business and this is where these professional video editing apps can be hugely useful.

6. Integrated Social Media Platform App

Don’t you hate it when you have to use multiple apps for different social media sites? This android app idea will integrate all the big social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and will serve as an overall forum that you can be on.

You can easily navigate from one account to another without having to keep switching between multiple applications that also consume a lot of space on the phone.

7. Shopping Mall Navigator App

An application that helps you navigate through a shopping mall

How many times does it happen that you get lost in a shopping mall or can’t find that store you wanted to visit? A digital shopping center navigation app will store a digital map of all shopping centers in the city.

The application can be used to navigate the map as well as the directions in the mall or to visit a specific shop, the restroom, the restaurant or to learn about the parking location.

8. Common Platform for Tenants & Landlords App

It has always been difficult to find a trustworthy tenant and even difficult to find a good place to live. A tenant locator and interaction app will allow landlords to locate and engage with potential tenants explicitly without a dealer. It will also enable tenants to interact with their landlords concerning property problems, maintenance needs, rent payments, etc.

This way, lives of both the tenant and the landlord will get easier and there will be no need for a middle man, saving a lot of time and money.

9. Surplus Food Collector App for Needy

Don’t let all of that food go to waste anymore by developing this amazing app idea for start-up application.

With this food donation application, all the restaurants will be able to locate appropriate charities in their nearby regions to donate their leftover food every day. Not only this save a lot of food that mostly goes to waste, but it will also help a lot of underprivileged groups of people get to eat enough food.

Now doesn’t that sound good?

10. Online Training/ Learning Courses App

An application through which you can take up online training and courses

We are living in the information age where literally most of the things are taking place online. Students are paying a lot of money to trainers in coaching classes for the chance to acquire the right skills that will place them at the pinnacle of a successful business or industry.

The most useful idea for new companies might be teaching people digitally via apps which can be comparatively cheaper for students, than paying at coaching centers. You can add many services into it like live sessions, doubt classes, study material, 24-hour support, and assistance.

Now in this global pandemic scenario, this idea has already taken shape and is proving to be a great savior for schools and colleges alike, as much of the learning is happening via video conferencing softwares only.

11. Easy Check-out from Supermarket App

It is very frustrating to wait in a long queue in a grocery store, nobody like doing that? Many brands like Amazon have already introduced these features, where you can check-out yourself.

Such apps are continuously growing in demand because of the ease they provide by allowing you to scan the products through smartphone, while you are still shopping. Afterwards, you can directly make the payment.

12. Buying & Selling Stuff App

Have you ever thought that social media can be used for more than just interacting with friends? This application will be just like the Facebook app, only it will have various more features like connecting to your peer groups to sell, purchase, or rent online stuff.

This application will help you to make suggestions and to scan and purchase items based on feedback from your friend. This way, you will have many places where you can purchase stuff and get rid of the old ones.

13. Read Book Reviews App

An application through which you can read the reviews for a book

If you are a hardcore reader then you must know the struggle of finding a good book without judging it by its cover. It’s also quite difficult to pick and decide which one will prove to be a good read.

This app idea might be perfect, where you can just take a photo of the cover with your smartphone and it will automatically show you the reviews of various readers those have already read the book. Hence forth, making your decision of purchasing a book well-informed and pretty easy.

14. Disaster Alert App

We understand that these disasters can not be prevented, however, we can limit the harm they bring in. A disaster management application will warn people beforehand about the likelihood of a mishap like cyclones, earthquakes, sandstorms etc. to occur in their region and this alert can prevent the loss of many lives.

The application can teach people how to respond when confronted with a catastrophe, assist in locating stranded people, provide the rescue mission team with information about the damage done and the number of people who need help, etc.

This one is a must develop app idea for start-up applications, considering its usability and effectiveness in preventing the losses of lives and resources.

15. Finding the Hidden Gems to Travel App

The tourists are already aware of the most famous parts of the country, but this application can connect the locals with the tourists so that they can know about the rare treasures that don’t normally get the recognition they deserve.

It will let the tourist deeply explore the country and visit all the places accordingly. Isn’t this a great idea? It will help many travelers around the world to discover the places that they couldn’t have discovered themselves.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our list of 15 app ideas for a start-up applications. Which one did you like best or would you want to work on? Let us know in the comments section below!

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