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New talent and ideas also work in the field, not only the experienced person work better but the new and fresh comer also do well in the development. But both talent should pay some equal and high amount to get the best work.

Freelancers and Remote workers also get kind of proper wages for their efforts and hard work.

It was the last winter month, when I’m talking to Mr. Jodan, a potential client.

“so how much money you spend on this project” I asked.

but the reply I get was not good at all. “up-to a million I spend on it” he said.

I take a quick look at development work but that is not so good. Even after spending a lot on his project, not at workers.

There a long pause in the room, after few minute, “Can you help us?” he asked-

“It’s my job to help, every month at least 20 – 25 variations of this same conversation I handle,” I said him.

Then, I suggested him to hire some fresh and skilled workers like freelancers or remote workers they are experienced as well as new to this field that do some dev work in this field so that may you get some interesting and innovative ideas which help to build your App. And also give good and sufficient value of their work so that they can work with more effort for him.

But he was not ready to do so and want to walk with his previous team with low wages pack and almost employees leave his office. Then I explain to him that-

It’s better to hire a new person like freelancers as they are also an experienced person in the development shop. And provide them good wages for their hard work.

The true value of professional work, and how to operate at each different levels.


Firstly, in this level, if we hire a newcomer or any new talent they had new innovative ideas and new concepts for the companies and freelancers and remote workers are the best examples of this as they are new and also work at small wages, these people work from home. And should pay according to their work and time.

“So Mr. Jodan, do you get my point why I’m telling you to hire new and talented people in this project” – I said to him and smile and shake his head.


Secondly, this level simply says that there are many people who just want to work from home and earn money these people don’t come at the office but work for the company from home itself and company pay them.

It’s not only for new and freshers this is also for the per who like to do freelancing and good knowledge about the work. Even they might be experienced people also.

They are just hiring people to the company for the work purpose only, so we also call them remote workers.

Mr. Jodan really feels happy and start searching for work. ” BUT! Wait how we hire the right talent ?” – he asks.

“NOW, I explain you the last but not the least level, level 3.” – I said.


Last, at this level, only the right candidate should hire by the company. The person who had skills and talent to think any innovative ideas should hire.

Hiring a freelancer as develop there are many small parameters and by this, we can get a new and innovative person for our company.

All three levels are clear to Mr. Jodan and he decide to change his worker and back to his work.

After few months, his employees are happy and want to work more for his company. It all because his provide them good and valuable amount of their hard work.

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