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Hire Remote developer and work with them is always a challenging thing. If you are looking for the right person as a remote developer its very difficult to find out now a days. Normally some of the developer don’t have focus towards his work so that’s why to hire a remote developer and work with them is always a difficult road to cross. You have to come up with your social media connection might be any of the talent you get between them. Filter out the right talent and work with them remotely.

What we will cover here.

  1. Define what you actually need.
  2. Spreading your job offer. Where to find developers
  3. Choosing the right candidate.
  4. Effective work Process.

Define what you actually need:-

If you need to hire the remote developer you should know the complete role and responsibility of the remote developer and what you required from them. And mention all the requirement clearly so that right candidate can apply for this job and you will get the right person for this post. If you are no in technical background you must be know few about the technologies and framework. So that you can find out the right talent. You must mention all these details in the job posting:-

  1. Describe completely about the job requirement.
  2. What project or area
  3. What type of technologies required
  4. Payments and incentives
  5. Job conditions, hours overlap

You are sailing your position to someone and you want to attract the right talent.So you have to convince them You have to show directly or between the line.

Spreading your job offer. Where to find the developers ?

Its time to distribute your job offer to maximum reach where to find the right talent. Their is so many option in a days to spread your job and get the right candidate. And you can check the skill and hire and complete your projects.

Post a job in your social media network where you can share with your colleagues and online followers. You can even make a kind of marketing campaign for this and get the right talent. Best place to share any job offer is LinkedIn. Its a networks of professionals after all you can get the number of candidate details and its your task how to find the skilled candidate .

You can also put the requirement in the Freelancer portal like codersera.comwhere you will post your requirement and get the right talent and right person for your project.

Choosing the right candidate:-

Be prepare to spend time: hire slow, fire fast

If you go to your network or freelancer board you will get the number of application .How to choose the best?

First thing to be clear in your mind take you time and to find out the right skill. Unless you’re in absolute rush to deliver project, Slow down and actually look through all candidate carefully. Prepare for a quite long journey through the list-filtering out, then interviewing, then getting some more information from them etc. It might take in a week and it’s ok . If you make a right choose. that in a long run will save you more than a week or money too. Their is so many interview process to find out the right talent. You can set some algorithm for this and follow these algorithm to find out the skill person for your projects.

Interview process is very important part in the remote work. You need to follow some steps to filter and hire the skilled candidate.

Effective work process:-

We need to set the Effective process and follow all the developer time to time. Most of the client and company make a big mistake they hire a remote developer and let them work on their own. Well you’ve hire the smart person and they should handle it all them selves. its really wrong. Its important to handle and help coder from the first day. Help them set up servers, give all necessary repositories or logins, help them meet the team etc.

The Sooner a coder commits their first line of code to real projects

If you hired the right person, expect a lot of questions from them in the first days. Be around and communicate a lot — it also makes freelancer feel welcomed. Psychology is pretty important — you have to make an effective team together

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