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    The Most Popular React-Native Apps

    React-native apps correspond with today’s mobile app development needs by building apps that give a better user experience, are cross-platform, and faster to develop. Probably, that is the reason every top brand in the market creates react-native apps for promoting their enterprise. React Native brought more power to mobile app development technology, was specially...

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    15 Best App Ideas For Startup Applications

    If you are planning to come up with a start-up business, then make sure you have a great idea that will touch many hearts and earn you profits as well. Presenting here a list of top unique app ideas for start up applications that will help you choose and plan your business/ start-up ideas....

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    Learn Whether Your Startup is Ready for Investment?

    What is a Start-up Investment? Before learning about startup investment in detail, let us understand what is a Start-up? A startup is a project initiated by an individual/group of people aspiring to effectively develop and validate a scalable business model. Most of the time Start-ups refer to new businesses with new unique ideas that intend to...

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    How to Succeed in Business without really trying

    How it is possible to succeed in business without really trying? Wondering!!! how can you succeed in something without trying. But, I am sharing some quick-fixes, basic guidelines which sets the ball rolling for your dream venture. Building your own business is no easy task, its easier said than done. ‘Who doesn’t want freedom...

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    Is Ruby On Rails Still Worth Learning In 2020?

    Ruby on Rails is a web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT lisense. Rails works on MVC, (Model View Controller) structure, bestowing default structure for a database and web pages.  The initial release of Ruby on rails was on 13 December 2005 and in its initial years, it greatly affected the web...

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    8 Major Legal Risks Faced by Startups

    ‘Startups are not as fancy as they look’ Startups can be a rollercoaster ride for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs encounter many risks in their journey of Startups but the legal risks are something that can not be avoided and should be taken seriously. Here, we are trying to get an overview of the legal risks that...

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    Five Upcoming Tools For Software Developers, you should keep your eye on.

    You will definitely agree that today developing tools are the helping hands of the developers. There are too many tools that help to create robust applications. A developer should know about the upcoming tools that might be helpful to them for future projects. Here are the top five upcoming tools for software developers that...

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    Top 10 Google Chrome Plugins For Business Productivity

    There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely-used web browsers among other web browsers like Safari, Firefox, etc. As so many Plugins are available in the Chrome web store, you can customize your browser in many ways to help you work more efficiently. We went through the...

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    How Blockchain Is Revolutionizing The Supply Chain Industry?

    The Supply chain has transformed, companies have not updated the underlying technology for managing them in decades. With Blockchain technology, companies can rebuild their approach to supply chain management at the ecosystem level and go from the island of insight to an integrated global view. “At its most basic level, the core logic of...

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    React onClick Event Handling

    Events can be handled in React quite similar to the way we do in HTML, these events be like click, change, mouseover, etc. But ‘React events’ are written in camelCase syntax. For example: “onClick”instead of “onclick” and the function which this event point to would be written in curly braces, for example: onClick={function}. In...

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    How to Use callBack With setState in React

    Today we are going to explore the callback function in setState and get to know about how we can use it.  First of all, I’d like to explain the ‘callBack’ and ‘setState’. callBack functions is a function that is passed as an argument to another function, to be “called back” at a later time....

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