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    MongoDB Vs MySQL: Which One Is A Better Database In 2020?

    For years, relational databases were leading the market and the option was very apparent at that time, that is, either MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL. They have served as the basis for thousands of enterprise applications, though digital apps need more versatility and usability. Non-relational databases such as MongoDB has proven to fulfill the...

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    Sql Vs NoSql – Which Is Best For You?

    Structured Query language (SQL)  SQL database is a domain-specific programming language used for managing, and designing data stored in a relational database management system (RDBMS). Also, it is used for stream processing in RDBMS. Relational databases use relations (typically called tables) to store data and match that particular data by using common characteristics within that...

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    The complete guide for Python and Django-Part1 Python

    Note: In this tutorial, we will be using Python3 instead of Python2. The reason for this choice is that Python2 is slowly getting deprecated from the development world and the developers are developing new libraries strictly for the use with Python3. Starting with Python3 Content: Installation DataTypes Comparison operators Control flow: IF ELIF and...

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    Learn API Inside Out

    “An Application Program Interface(API) that provides a developer with programmatic access to a proprietary software application. A software intermidieary that makes it possible for appilication programs to interact with each other and share data.” What Is An API ? So API is a communication protocol between the client and the server that simplifies the...

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    Five Upcoming Tools For Software Developers, you should keep your eye on.

    You will definitely agree that today developing tools are the helping hands of the developers. There are too many tools that help to create robust applications. A developer should know about the upcoming tools that might be helpful to them for future projects. Here are the top five upcoming tools for software developers that...

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    Top 20 docker interview questions for 2019

    Docker– A well-known technology widely used and appreciated by DevOps engineers originated in 2013 and it turned out to be a big hit by the end of 2017. So what makes Docker so darn popular? The following statement about Docker will definitely give you an overview of it. “Docker is hotter than hot because...

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    Top 10 DevOps Automation Tools

    “Automation does not need to be our enemy. I think machines can make life easier for men, if men do not let the machines dominate them.” ~ John F. Kennedy In today’s digital age Automation tools work as the savior for engineers. Everyone is either creating automation tools or getting automated. Using automated tools...

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    How Blockchain Is Revolutionizing The Supply Chain Industry?

    The Supply chain has transformed, companies have not updated the underlying technology for managing them in decades. With Blockchain technology, companies can rebuild their approach to supply chain management at the ecosystem level and go from the island of insight to an integrated global view. “At its most basic level, the core logic of...

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    Why Do You Need To Hack Your Company?

    The increased number, and expanding knowledge of hackers, combined with the growing number of systems vulnerabilities it might be possible one-day your computer systems are hacked or compromised in some ways. Protecting your system from hackers and generic vulnerabilities is critical. “To catch a thief you must think like a thief” This is the...

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    React onClick Event Handling

    Events can be handled in React quite similar to the way we do in HTML, these events be like click, change, mouseover, etc. But ‘React events’ are written in camelCase syntax. For example: “onClick”instead of “onclick” and the function which this event point to would be written in curly braces, for example: onClick={function}. In...

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    How to Use callBack With setState in React

    Today we are going to explore the callback function in setState and get to know about how we can use it.  First of all, I’d like to explain the ‘callBack’ and ‘setState’. callBack functions is a function that is passed as an argument to another function, to be “called back” at a later time....

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