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Codersera has been pushing the limits of delivering complex business challenges by providing innovative technical expert solutions and redefining the operational standards. All thanks to a culture based in respect, accountability, and integrity. Today, we have a strong base of 500+ happy clients and 5000+ remote talent.

How to Hire Remote Developers from Codersera

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Looking for a new business website or need changes in the present one or juggling with a plethora of new ideas for your business. Not sure? Come, share your dreams and requirements with Codersera and we expertly steer you through this journey with the best talent pool across the globe.

Codersera offers the latest spectrum of cutting-edge technologies from the best coders of your chosen domain and they are committed to constant learning and innovations for continuous improvement of your product. We believe in empowering you with our skills, expertise and ideas to suit your requirement. Come and experience it for yourself!

We at Codersera, hosts only the best. So, once we receive your requirements you be sure of a good quality product delivered. We bring you along the best platforms/ tools/ automations needed for the project along with daily regular updates to keep you informed. We believe in perfection and tailor your requirements to the unprecedented levels of success and customer satisfaction.

How we Onboard Remote Developers on Codersera

Onboarding of the developer to Codersera platform is quite intense. The developer goes through a thorough filtering process which includes the following steps:

1. Receiving Diverse Resumes
The resume goes through the filtering process on various parameters, like experience, employment history, skill sets.
[Only 80% people clear this.]
2. Language & Communication Skills
Communication is the lifeline of remote work. So, we make sure to test the candidates on various key parameters of Language proficiency, common sense, and communication skills. This test is conducted on our Video interview platform with expert panelists.
[Only 60% people clear this.]
3. Online Machine Coding Test.
The filtered candidate goes through the process of an online coding test of 2 hours, that validates their command over problem- solving skills with the most optimized solution within a stipulated amount of time.
[Only 30% people clear this.]
4. Live Coding Screening
This is similar to the previous round, but in this, a live Codersera expert is there to judge and assist you while you are solving the problem. The candidate is evaluated on his speed and approach to solving the problem.
[Only 13% people clear this.]
5. Production Level Test Project (2 Weeks)
The candidate is sent a project, quite similar to the real-life projects which the candidate is supposed to finish in 1-2 weeks. This generally requires the candidate to build a full-stack application similar to real-time client requirements to evaluate whether the developer is ready to work directly with the client.
[Less than 1-2% candidates clear this.]

TOP 1 %

6. Continued Excellence
Afterwards also the candidates are evaluated continuously for their expertise.